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Position Description: Volunteers are needed to participate for a minimum of one month in our long-term conservation project in Western Uganda.  The work focuses on empowering local community members to meet their energy needs in legal and sustainable ways.  As a volunteer, you will (1) walk through participating villages and encourage people to plant trees and built efficient stoves, (2) work with the eco-briquette project staff, assisting in manufacturing and marketing briquettes,  (3) assist in staffing the project’s Science Centers, (4) assist with planting trees, building stoves and running movie shows, (5) assist the Project Manager with overseeing the staff (6) be responsible for regular communication with Project Directors, as well as general trouble-shooting, (7) assist with data collection and research projects.  Participation with local conservation and art groups is also part of the work.

You will be trained on site, mainly by our experienced field crew (the Directors are on site only periodically). This is a teamwork-oriented position, and the ability to work closely with others, as well as to take the lead when necessary, is critical.

***Please note that while you will be working to protect Kibale National Park and all it’s amazing wildlife, this position does not include any direct contact with animals. Please read through the entire website to see if you are truly interested in the types of work we do before applying.***

Qualifications/Experience: Two kinds of relevant experience are needed: first, some kind of foreign travel or living experience, preferably to/in a developing country (and ideally in Africa), and second, some experience working on a grass-roots campaign, ideally in the field (though it is fine if this did not occur in a developing country).  Interest in conservation, ecology, sustainable development or community activism is presumed.

In addition, there are certain qualities that will make you a good fit as a volunteer: you must be energetic, patient, responsible, flexible, healthy, able to work independently but also as part of a team, and highly motivated.

Salary/funding: As a volunteer position, this appointment has no salary.  There is some flexibility regarding an in-situ stipend for the right candidate.  A monthly stipend is available to help cover your living costs in Uganda.  All the costs associated with air travel, visa, travel to the field site, as well as vaccines and medications, will be the responsibility of the volunteer.   Once on site – all food and lodging will be covered by NNF.  A successful applicant must have her/his own health insurance (or emergency evacuation insurance), and should realize that malaria is very prevalent in the area – taking anti-malaria drugs is highly recommended.  The volunteer will understand that there is a certain degree of risk associated with living in Uganda, and will not hold the New Nature Foundation liable for any injuries, accidents or other unpleasant surprises.

Living Accommodations: Reasonably comfortable housing is available in or around Kibale. We currently have two different living situations available: one at the research station in Kibale, and one at a home in the village.  Each situation has its own benefits and shortcomings – details can be discussed once the application process is underway.

Term of Appointment: Beginning any time, the minimum term of appointment is one month on-site. This does not include your travel time or any additional vacation time you may want to take while in Uganda. Stays of 2-6 months or longer can also be arranged. Applications are on a rolling basis; we can accommodate several volunteers at a time.

How to Apply: The best way to contact us is via email. Please contact Rebecca at info@newnaturefoundation.org .  Please include the following information with your application: (1) how you fit the qualifications and duties outlined here; (2) how this opportunity fits your ambitions/plans in the short and long term; (3) your resume. You may include any other information about yourself that you think might be relevant.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!