Staff & Board

In-situ aspects of the New Nature Foundation’s programs are run by more than 25 Ugandan staff and interns who grew up in the villages around the rainforest they are now working to protect.

NNF’s board and advisors have more than 100 years of combined experience in the area. Board members include primatologists, biologists, Africa specialists, lawyers, doctors and professional conservationists.

Margaret Kemigisa, Project Manager, grew up in Kanyawara, on the border of Kibale National Park, and has worked toward its conservation for nearly twenty years.  She was the first woman to work as a research assistant in the area, and is certified as both a primary school teacher and headmistress.  Margaret is the founder of the Community Action Project, a CBO whose activities include handcraft making, training & marketing; music, dance & drama; animal husbandry & sustainable agriculture; environmental conservation, and; HIV/AIDS and human rights education.  In 2011, Margaret received the Pakasa Award from the New Vision, Uganda’s leading newspaper. In 2016, she was elected as the first-ever female Mayor of Kiko Parish.

Murungi Samuel, Science Center Manager, grew up in Kyanyawara and first toured Kibale with NNF’s founders in 2000. He has been involved with the current project since its early beginnings.

Ahaibibu John, Eco-Briquette Supervisor, oversees daily activities for briquette production, maintains reports for the village factory and supervises staff.

John Kabuleta, Science Center Supervisor & Community Liaison Lead, manages two of the four science centers and is the lead trainer for stove building in all areas.

Luu Tuong Bach, Vietnam Program Manager, began partnering with Denver Zoo more than 10 years ago and has supported NNF’s work in the area since 2014.

Canh Van Chuong, Vietnam Stove Lead, grew up in the hills of Minh Son, on the boundary of Khau Ca Forest. He manages stove builders in hamlets all around the forest.

Rebecca Goldstone and Michael Stern, Founders & Project Directors, have been working in and around Kibale since the year 2000.  For the first several years of the current project, they lived on site and developed the successful methodologies.  Now based in the US, Rebecca runs the Foundation and Michael is the Curator of Primates & Small Mammals at the Philadelphia Zoo.  They travel to Uganda 2-3 times each year to help where needed and ensure the programs continue to evolve in productive ways.

Rebecca Goldstone, President and Co-Founder.

Michael Stern, Secretary and Co-Founder.

Steven T. Stern, Esq., Treasurer, is a retired attorney who now tries to paint at home in Philadelphia and on vacation around the country.

Dr. Kimberly Duffy holds a PhD in Primatology, and conducted her thesis research on chimpanzees living in Kibale.  She currently teaches Biology at the International School of Uganda.

Ann Marie Gage works with non-profit organizations in Colorado for biodiversity conservation and endangered species recovery.

Sarah Thérèse Kenney is an editorial executive at a modern language publisher in Boston.

Dr. Elana Levites-Agababa is a pediatric doctor and researcher.  Dr Agababa also volunteers at health clinics for immigrant and refugee children in Philadelphia and Camden.

Mark Vibbert is an African conservation specialist who has spent over 15 years working in eco-tourism, development, and conservation in East Africa.

Drs. Colin & Lauren Chapman each hold a Canada Research Chair at McGill University in Montreal, Canada.  Having worked in and around Kibale since the 1990s, they have been major contributors to the good of the park and surrounding communities.

Avra Lorrimer is a Director at Hill & Knowlton Strategies in London.

Matt Robinson loves technology and toys, and hopes to use and combine those loves to help save the planet, or at least make it a fun place to live.

Janson Wu, Esq. is the Executive Director at Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders in Boston.