Our Approach

The New Nature Foundation benefits both people and wildlife by creating grass roots initiatives that consider local context and respect the cultural norms of our constituents.

The programs actively protect wild animals and wild places and are proven to be both replicable and sustainable in the long term through continued community involvement.

The community members who engage in NNF’s programs gain pride and empowerment by achieving new skills by themselves or together with neighbors rather than merely experiencing “handouts” from visitors. By fostering skills in the people who hold the future of Kibale in their hands, strides are been made toward the ultimate goal of greater harmony between people and nature.

The eco-briquette initiative is working toward long-term sustainability, both in terms of financing and management, with the goal of becoming a fully autonomous endeavor. The stove and tree campaigns can be self-sustaining, as community members teach their neighbors about these easy-to-replicate ideas. Other aspects (like the education programs) will never be fully sustainable – we rely on the generosity of individuals like you to continue these meaningful interactions with tens of thousands of Ugandan citizens each year.

All promoted technologies are easily replicable with locally available materials: stoves are made from mud and sand, tree seeds can be gathered from friends and neighbors, and eco-briquettes can be obtained and used for free through a barter system.

Aspects of NNF’s programs have already been replicated elsewhere in Uganda, Tanzania, Madagascar and Vietnam.